I speak for Tuna

I speak for tuna

I have gifted you my flesh
I have brought you nourishment
I have brought you ease
My delicious taste has brought you joy

I have fed your children
without question

You have been unreliable
in receiving my act of service
You have not questioned
the markets

The ones
earning money
over my flesh

I have come to speak
I need you to know
that I am one with the Earth

I am a part of her body
I am part of the great diversity
of life
I was brought forth
by the miracle
of this Earth

I am precious

Can you appreciate me?
Do you appreciate diversity?

Or would you prefer the dying out of species?
The dissapearance of those
who have fed you
throughout the ages?

Look at me
I am your ancestor

All of life is connected

We both have eyes
and living organs
We are all special
We are all worthy

You and me
We need to take care of each other

We have come to speak

Can you appreciate me?
Will you look out for me?
Can you notice the effects of your choices?
Can you notice the influence you have on ecosystems?

I am not talking you into
I am asking for your
I need you to wake up to your bodies intelligence

For when you do
You will feel your connectedness
To everything that is alive

You will wake up to a love so strong
So sensitive
that you will want to protect my species
the oceans
the rivers
the soil
the air
the living beings around you

We are precious
Use your channel for the good 
Let the good come forth

When you choose to eat
choose with your heart

I will not stay here forever
I am begging for your awareness
Please think of me
in the supermarket

We love you


16 October 2021, Amsterdam

Art by Paul Kyriakides

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