Do you feel the call of the Earth?

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Let’s build an ecological and magical reality for all of us.


I use the force of Nature to help people heal.

Let’s align with our natural rhythms, instead of living stressful lives.

Let’s embrace our bodies as divine vessels, and stop treating them as machines.

Let’s connect with our intuition, and be powerful.

Let’s connect deeply, and build community.

I help you to get clarity on your souls journey, on your adventure here on Earth.

I help you to live an intuitive life.

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“The session with Joanna was really great. I was really looking forward to it in advance and I am really happy that I went. It felt like a great inner cleansing; I could literally feel the energy flowing through my body, and I felt free to also express the emotions that were released.

The space that Joanna had created felt safe enough for that.

She was very respectful and always knew exactly how to say the right words, following her intuition, which was a confirmation for me again for what I felt. Joanna, you are a rock in what you do (and also a beautiful person), thank you!” Eva

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“I see the next few years as being crucial in the transformation of our culture away from the patriarchal death cults and toward the love of life, of nature, of the feminine* principle. The craft is only one path among the many opening up, and many of us will blaze new trails as we explore the uncharted country of our own interiors. The heritage, the culture, the knowledge of the ancient priestesses, healers, poets, singers, and seers were nearly lost, but a seed survived the flames that will blossom in a new age into thousands of flowers. The long sleep of Mother Goddess is ended. May She awaken in each of our hearts.”


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