About me

My name is Joanna.

I am 30-year old lover of the Earth. I am an Aquarius.

I am a big fan of flowers, tea and community.

I live in a multi-generational community in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with vegetable gardens and chickens roaming freely.

I am passionate about the secrets of this cosmos.

This reality feels like a big mystery to me. Magic is my portal to access the mystery.

Because really, where are we?

What are we doing here, floating around on this beautiful planet in a dark cosmos, illuminated by a Sun so far away from us?

What does it mean to be alive on this planet, in which everything is deeply connected and intertwined?

What does it mean to live in this world of duality, in which so much beauty, as well as darkness, is available to us?

This is why this website is called In this Reality.

I don’t believe that the reality – as we experience in daily life – is all there is.

I believe there is something to it.

I believe it’s deeply symbolic.

I believe it’s deeply magical.

I believe we are here to gain wisdom.

My intuition has led me to the path of energy healing.

I recall a moment under the shower, some years ago. Suddenly I lifted up my hands and looked at them with amazement. I studied every inch for minutes. I thought they were so beautiful.

I remembered something.

It was the powerful ability that we have.

Healing with our hands.

Little did I know that this would become my work a few years later.

When an energy healer who works with Quantum Touch crossed my path, I was completely amazed by the method. Immediately I felt incredibly drawn towards it. I needed to know how she did it.

The longing was so strong, that I felt like I would actually die if I did not find out how to do it. I booked my courses and let myself be amazed.

The weekends were magical. I saw and experienced for myself that everything is possible. That magic is real. That humans are divine beings with incredible power. That we have so much potential.

Ever since, I cannot stand to live an ordinary life anymore. I have to walk the path of Magic.

Because when you know it is out there, there’s no turning back.

In my work I facilitate deep healing spaces. I heal with my hands, and I use my intuition to pass the words of wisdom of your body on to you.

The sessions and workshops I facilitate deeply move me. It is a big gift to connect so deeply to you, and to support you.

My work is my mission.

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