I can’t wait to work with other people who love what I love; serving the Earth, ourselves and each other. I am excited about collaborating with people who share a similar vision. This is what makes my heart go wild.

Nature connection – Rewilding – Healing – Creating magic – Writing – Ecological revolution – Witchcraft – Ancient knowledge – Gardening – Growing vegetables and herbs – Skill sharing – Love

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“Pine, I am calling to you
Aspen, I am singing to you
Redwood, hear this song
Birch-bark, weeping willow
And Dogwood, blooming moonlight
Cedar, let it fall, fall away
Oak, you bore my body
Bay, I bade you open these vessels

To receive your whispers
Tender breath-keepers
Givers of life to these lungs
May I open my ears and surrender
What can you tell me
How can I tend you
How can I tend to the ones
Who pour life through these lungs?”

Ayla Nereo – Whispers
(The Code of the Flowers)

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