Stranger, let me in

Stranger, who are you? How are you feeling? What's on your mind? And what's for dinner tonight? Stranger, what does your house look like? Is their art on your walls? Which photos did you put up and who's on them? What's in the fridge? Can I lay down on your couch? What do you read,... Continue Reading →

Invitation to feel jealous

Is there shame to feeling jealous? We think it's not reasonable to be jealous. We should be open-minded, full of self love, give full freedom to our lovers and be happy for everyone else. But why not just feel jealous? Why not just let that hot feeling in your belly come to full fruition? Don't... Continue Reading →

Finding safety in love

Love does not give up on me. Not that easily. My conclusion of January – March 2018: Give up on love, and She will come get you. It was on a Thursday evening in an Amsterdam cafe, winter of 2017, that I gave up on love. Love in the romantic way. We had just come... Continue Reading →

The desert

The desert is leaving city life behind and connecting to the sun, moon, stars and the sand. Nothing but the sand. No cities, no buildings, no technology. Fresh air. Simplicity. Sleeping outside in the cold with the light of the moon shining on my face, her energies corresponding with mine. I wake up every three hours,... Continue Reading →

This Valentine’s day: More love

More love. More connection. More realness. More honesty, rawness, confrontation. More speaking what needs to be said and it that way, loving yourself. Less speaking of what doesn’t need to be said and in that way, loving others. More eye contact, “how are you’s?”, smiles, hugs, help, unexpected friendships, initiative. Less phone staring, fear, blaming... Continue Reading →

What inspires me

Theatre plays, music, museums, films and literature saves my life. I need art and culture as inspiration, a break from everyday life, and to tickle my soul into crafting new possibilities. "The Earth without Art is just Eh" These books, films and videos have had a profound influence on me, and will tell you more about who I... Continue Reading →

My year in review: 2017 & 27

Reflection is a powerful exercise to facilitate personal growth. Since my birthday is in January, reviewing the year aligns with looking back at my personal year too. I’m about to turn 28, and my 27th has been a somewhat of a relieve. It was much better than my 25th and 26th mostly spent being ill. My... Continue Reading →

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