I speak for Tuna

I speak for tuna I have gifted you my fleshI have brought you nourishmentI have brought you easeMy delicious taste has brought you joy I have fed your childrenwithout question You have been unreliablein receiving my act of serviceYou have not questionedthe markets The onesearning moneyover my flesh I have come to speakI need you... Continue Reading →

Earth abundance

I want to go slow. I want to experience deep healing. I want to be one with the stars. I want to follow the rhythms of Earth and do it with confidence. I do not want be rushed. I follow my exact right timing. I will not be led astray by societies' measures of time.

Trust your heart

Look at this as an opportunity for healing. The systems that are operating around you do not fit your personality. Do you feel free living in a society that controls every movement? Every breath? Every meeting? How does it make you feel?

You can serve this Earth

You can serve this Earth, just by being, by sitting in a garden. Drinking tea, reading a book, and watching the children play. You can serve this Earth by planting a flower garden. Making a refuge for hungry bees, and other insects...

Thank you Evergreen

Boundaries come in, where boundaries are missing. Economy lacks boundaries, but ecology needs boundaries. Let's reconsider our lifestyle. Does it need shipping? Or does it grow in my garden? What do I really need?


Who is on lockdown? Is your body on lockdown? Is the soil on lockdown? Is the vibration moving through you on lockdown? What is starved? What is deeply starved within you? Is it life energy? Is it focus? How come your society is on lockdown? Is your society alive?

Come home

What does it mean to stay safe? Staying safe does not have anything to do with not getting ill. Many people do not stay safe, living the life they are living. They work too hard. They do not make time to feel. They live life like a robot. What is supposed to help them stay safe? What if illness is not an enemy per se?

You are Wild

Mayflower. You have the potential to turn seed into fragrance. Flower into berry. Abundance into medicine. You serve the Earth. You serve the people. You serve our animal kin. Our animalistic nature needs to be accepted. A wild beast houses within us all. We all crave wildness...

How to put the Earth first

There are so many voices telling you to stop doing what you are doing now. Yet what you are doing now is the most important thing you could be doing. It is getting people out of despair and into their hearts. Does this have monetary value? Perhaps. Does it matter?

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