Earth abundance

I want to go slow
I want to experience
deep healing

I want to be one with
the stars
I want to follow the rhythms
of Earth
and do it with confidence

I do not want be rushed

I follow my exact
right timing
I will not be led astray
by societies’ measures
of time

Unexpected outburts
of revolution
will rise

Just like the heart
that might once open
to a love
that might finally crush me
and open me
into real freedom

I do not want to fit your schedules
I do not want to fit your calenders
They are not mine

I follow ancestral time

Deep healing
is central to my life

It might look
like I’m doing nothing
to you
But in fact
I am causing revolution
in my heart

Ever lasting

Soul growth
your dedication
your slow time
your trust

Feel your dedication
let others live their life

Their schedules
their motivations
aren’t mine

My clock functions differently
I follow

My womb
Full Moon
New Moon

Deep dark winter nights
Abundant summer life
A spring rebirth
A harvest ceremony
in fall

For I am one with Nature
nature is me
I follow nature

I worship the Moon
I do not trust
the pace of the economy
Work hard
play hard
use drugs and
cancel your fatigue

It isn’t mine

I want to feel my fatigue
I want to let it heal me
Give me the time to heal my body

To enter a deep marriage
between mind
and body

and break away
from destructive beliefs
about how to live life on Earth
about how to abuse their resources

I do not want it
I do not want to be part of something
that destroys
I want to be part of the healing
If it takes a radical antidote
to societies’ standards
that is fine by me

Let me do it
let me be courageous
let me be different
let me be a leader
and show others
that we can live different lives

Let ancestral dreams be opened
through our hearts
let portals open
let stones speak
let codes
be unlocked
let life emerge

Better lives
more abundant lives
more care
more worship
more trust
deep surrender
to the mystery
of life on Earth

I want a different life
than you might expect of me

let me travel
let me dream work
let me be a channel
of New Earth dreaming

Of mysteries solved
of magic restored
of salmon alive
of rivers clean
of stars bright and visible

Let me life that life

and if you want it otherwise
that’s fine by me

Time is sacred
restore the clocks
we are not in a rush

Live life as ceremony
thank the Earth
on your bare knees

For she has given fruits
the salt of the seas
the clean water of rivers
candlelit dinners
fresh herbs
and teas

enjoy your life

live abundantly
reset the clocks
time is sacred
we are not in a rush

lay down
on soil
and remember
your sacredness

humans belong to this Earth
just like
stars belong
to the night
vision belongs to dreaming
insight to learning
and love to
us all

Blessed Equinox

September 22, 2021

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