Can we learn how to put our Earth first?

Can we learn how to love our sacred Home?

Can we learn how to take care of our rivers and mountains, without wanting to change them?

Just leaving them be, following their natural stream, meandering through the land.

This beautiful one, this loved one.

This one who provides us with everything.

This one who gave us birds and bees, plants and insects, a rich soil full of nutrients.

Can we learn to look out for our rivers?

Can we learn to look out for our trees?

Can we respect the birds nesting and leave them to peace?

Can we be in awe of what once was?

Can we simply be in awe?

Can we come to know our place as humans?

Not below, not above.

Equal to other species.

Can we lose our urge to lock up?

To lock up other beings?

To deprive them of their freedom?

Can we know that it was never our place to do so?

Can we revive them, release them into fresh air, into wild nature?

Free to go whereever they please?

Can we obverse other species without wanting to control them, shoot them, mock them, catch them?

Can we just see the other in ourselves?

Can we see ourselves in the eyes of an animal?

So similar to us?

Two eyes, a nose and a mouth, a family to take care of?

Can we realize we are not better than any animal?

We are one, after all.

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