A letter of Love

Dear climate activist

You constantly worry about the state of the world
Yet the state of the world
does not worry about you

Do you see the difference here?

Can you make an impact
losing yourself
disrespecting your body
giving up on your autonomy?
without missing moments in your childrens’ life?
Understanding that all aspects of life
are of importance

Receive blessings
for a heartful life
Be open
to new ways

You feel as if the state of the world
the responsibility
is upon your shoulders
Yet the world
carries itself
The things that take place here
Carry meaning beyond human understanding

have an impact
The way they carry their fragrance
makes hearts sing

Lovers have an impact
The way they softly stroke your face at night
just before you fall asleep
safe and sound

Impact is not as much about taking action
it is about being who you are
it is about understanding new ways of living
about longing for free societies
based on 
soil health

A spirit of care
of freedom
of wildness
of aliveness

Wise ways
will return

But it takes your interest
your longing
to set them into motion

Can you feel the longing
without making it your 24h responsibility
to save the world as it is know?

Is it even a state that you want to save
or are you ready for transformation?

for new ways
of being
of loving
of working

new ways of earning
of receiving
of growing
of expanding

Going beyond what you ever thought possible
Truly thriving as a human community
embedded in the web of life

Take an interest
in the natural world that surrounds you

Stare at grasshoppers
look at swallows
take note
of small ecosystems

How are they functioning?
how are they working together?
How do microbiotics support your immune system?

How can you engage the web of life
into Earth based structures
of organizing life?
Co-creating with the universe
Grounded in the Earth
Embedded in the ecosystems that carry you

Lift the weight upon your shoulders
Set yourself free
Release your responsibilities
​​​​​​​Stop guilt tripping

Open up
to the natural world

Befriend trees
listen to rivers
give hope to bees
they need it

Tell them how much you love them
appreciate them
And tell them about your wish
for their livelihood to return

Tell them how much you need them
And how you cannot live without them

Be friendly
When it comes to politics

People are trying very hard
to make meaning 
to have an impact
to feel into what’s needed

Create cultures of freedom
of feeling at home
feeling welcome
taken care of
Listen to one another

When you are overwhelmed
Step back
When you need space
Take space
The world will carry on without you

Leave your presumptions at the door
Question them
Are they true?
Are your predictions about the future
or are they creating a reality
of hopelessness
of fear
of doom?

Think about how you can truly make an impact
Engage children in nature based practice
Create a herbs infusion
Gather seeds
Cook a jam
Pledge your alligience to a new Earth
Leave a footprint of love

It’s all you need to do

dear warrior

Lean back
and let me guide you
Bring you to where you’re needed
creating impact together

Let yourself open up
to your true desires
for this life

Wishful thinking is not wishful
It is manifestation in action
Love beyond measure

as Love

Many warriors are with you
Feeling depleted
Stressed out
Down right depressed

It is up to you to create a healthy culture
To get each other through this
To open up the imagination

To be vibrant
Full of possibility

Aligned with Life
aligned with soul
trust worthy
deeply supportive
and ready for change

Written by Joanna, September 7th 2020

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