The power lies within you

Nature is inherently abundant

Self reliant

Seed savers

Are the real heroes of this Earth

For they know

How rich we are

For they know

True wealth

Lies in the cycle of nature

People who save seeds

For future generations

Are the ones who have their priorities straight

They know what really matters

They know where it really comes down to in life

They know that a car

a washing machine

a golden toilet seat

Will not be able to feed them

They know that clean water

Fresh air

And a healthy soil

Is what will sustain us

They care

because they know how important they are

They do everything to protect it

Water protecters

Like the ones we have seen in Standing Rock

They are in the struggle for the long haul

They did not give up

Do you hear me?

They did not give up

You might not hear from them for a while

But it does not mean that consciousness


The spirit to win

Have left them

In quiet times

Seeds are taking root

Magic is unfolding

People are looking into each others eyes

And realize that they are on a mission

To become one with the Earth

They know what really matters

They know that happiness does not lie in far destinations

Or extravagant lives

Or wishful thinking

They know that deep down

Something has been grasping their attention

A force much stronger

Than the economic forces that have ramped your planet

Than the president of the United States who seems to have all the power


It is not where true power lies

You think the financial district

The offices

The investers

The politicans

Are more powerful than you?


For what do they know?

Have they ever set foot on their own soil?

Truly emerged with it?

Have they ever been on their knees

For the Mother?

For the divine consciousness

For the great Earth?

What do they know about the great powers of this Earth?

What do they know about the stone circles

The rocks

The elements

The sacred ways?

Do not

I repeat

Do not let them ever think

They are more powerful

Than you are

For they are here as a mirror

Simple as that

A mirror that reflects the truth of abundance

The truth that lies in nature

Nature is the source of abundance

Of wealth

Of the flourishing of all species

Do not ever forget about this

Even when it seems that values are elsewhere

That all people care about is fast cars


And champagne

It is not the ultimate

The ultimate is in truth


And love

Seed savers

Like the ones we see in India

Permaculture farmers

Like the ones we have seen sprouting up everywhere

Are the ones who need to come to the front

To share their knowledge

To share their wisdom

Let their voices be heard

Let their voices be heard

Let their voices be heard

They will teach the young

About presence

About abundance

About the long term vision

They will teach the elderly

About love


For all generations

They will understand

That a middle way

Finding the middle ground

Will contribute to the devastation of landscapes

The loss of species

Ecosystem collapse

Climate denial

Is self denial

We have not come here for forgiveness

We do not have time

To wait for your apology

We have come

To bring about

A better way

A way for all species

For all humans

And non-humans alike

For the elements

The winds

The fire and the waters

To become attuned again

We are out of balance

Yet we will find each other again

We will find our balance

The natural order will be restored

Watch my words

By Joanna

Spring 2020

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