Guardians of the Soil

Dear farmer

Who have you become?

If not

A thief

A thief of soil

Of living soil

Of microbes

Of permaculture

Of old ways

Of wisdom

Of space for precious species to evolve

Dear farmer

Do you remember

Something deep?

Very deep?

A deep knowing buried in your Heart?

You have chosen this task

This profession

For a reason

You are the builder of the land,

of the soil

You are a guardian of the Soil

You need to become attuned to your precious ecosystem

Dear farmer

Look at the birds

Are they happy?

Are they singing their song with pride?

Are they looking for insects where you live?

Or has it become quiet?

Have they left?

On the search for prey

Looking elsewhere

Where nature is abundant still

Dear farmer

Oh dear farmer

It has never been like this

Your profession

Your daily life

Your wake ups

Have always been

At the crack of dawn

Thousands have come before you

Thousands will come after you

Every morning you get up

In order to be of service

Of service to living beings

Your soil

Can become healthy again

I know that you know this

You know many things

You know your environment in a very detailed way

You know every inch of your land

You know which species harm your crops

You know which ones eat them

You can become one with the spiral

It will be easier

Less hard work

Less machines

And no poison

There are ways

In which you can harvest

In full abundance

In which you do not have to live in fear

For scarcity

Because you chose to live with respect for Nature

Nature will want to provide you with gifts

Gifts of abundance

Of rest

Of relaxation

Of enjoyment

Without stress

Without panic

Of it never being enough

Of the prices of your crops to drop

Choose nature

And nature will choose you

Nature will send you people who will support you

Communities of support

They will hold you

They will respect you

As a circle of family, of kin

You will not have to scared again

Dear farmer

A transition has come to you

For many of you this causes fear in your heart

Tears in your eyes

A lump in your throat

Sleepless nights

Yet we want you to know

We are not against you

We want you to thrive

We respect you

We value your hard work

Your labour is of equal importance to the hard work of bees

Of ants

Of birds

Of Earthworms

We can all learn how to work together

In one cycle

Join us

And you will be free

Freeer than you have ever felt

Lighter in your heart

A smile on your face

A deep out breath

You deserve to live in freedom

Dear farmer

Reach out

Ask your surroundings for support

Do not fear

Feel the love in your heart

Feel our support

We love you

Dear farmers


Of the soil

This is the call of your heart

Embrace it

Written by Joanna

5 May 2020

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