Love is all there is

When did you let the media tell you that destruction is all that happens?
Did you not know about birds nesting?
Ants building?
Whales making love?

Did you not see the sun rise from the ocean?
Its pure golden light illuminating you?

When did you forget about my love?
My beauty, my birdsongs?

My precious gift to you
Is the divine manifestation of love

The purest beauty
In the feathers of a bird
The colours of the wind
The hairy tarantula slowly approaching their prey
The snake making their way through the jungle

The Earths’ great ecosystems

My coral reefs
My precious fish and their eggs
My beautiful turtles
They are under threat

I feel the fear of my precious children dying
I embrace this fear

I love this fear

Because without fear, you would not care about losing anything
You would not cry when your beloved parents die

Your fear is beautiful
It shows how much you care
Feel your fear
Let me hold you

I am here
Give me your fear and I will transform it to love

Into the Earth
We are One, child

By Joanna

April 2020

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