Your lust is not Sacred, yet

Dear men
Men of the street

I am not the object of your desire
I am not the fulfilment of your fantasy

Your horniness does not resonate with me

Dear men
Look within

My dress is not there to lure you into something
It is just beautiful

A fabric made of the Earth
Wrapped on a body
Made of the Earth

Beautiful like a flower
Purity in essence

Dear men
Look within

Fulfill your emptiness with kindness

Go inward
Do not project it outwards

Release us from your yearning

Your longing for attention
Your longing for love
Your longing for touch

Will continue to haunt you
There will be no salvation
If we continue like this

We are not here to seduce you
We came to Love

We know that you are lonely
Yet the way you treat us
The ways in which you are trying to connect

Will only make us feel further way
Will only drive us further apart
Will only cause more pain

Dear men
Men of the street
Heal yourself

As long as you treat me as your prey
I will treat you as my enemy

I will protect myself
I will shout back at you
I will say


I will say, write and speak

Respect my autonomy
Respect my boundaries
Respect my ways

Let me walk the streets in safety
A pure being on her way somewhere

Nothing to do with you

The moment you stop yearning
The moment you go inwards

You will notice that the emptiness
The well within you
Can be filled with authentic love
True love

Dear men
Men of the street

I am waiting patiently
For that twinkle in your eyes
To come back

Dear men
Men of the street

I am waiting patiently
For respect to arise in you once again

For your words to become loving again
For your wish for me to feel safe again
For your actions to become true to your Heart

Until then
We will remain
at war

Written by Joanna

April 24 2020, Amsterdam

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