This Valentine’s day: More love

More love. More connection. More realness. More honesty, rawness, confrontation. More speaking what needs to be said and it that way, loving yourself. Less speaking of what doesn’t need to be said and in that way, loving others. More eye contact, “how are you’s?”, smiles, hugs, help, unexpected friendships, initiative. Less phone staring, fear, blaming... Continue Reading →

My year in review: 2017 & 27

Reflection is a powerful exercise to facilitate personal growth. Since my birthday is in January, reviewing the year aligns with looking back at my personal year too. I’m about to turn 28, and my 27th has been a somewhat of a relieve. It was much better than my 25th and 26th mostly spent being ill. My... Continue Reading →

Birthing new worlds

Don’t be fooled, friend. The national news and its portrayal of daily happenings in the world? NOT the real world. Your prime minister's talks of tax reform for the wealthy while paying absolutely no attention to the climate? NOT the only paradigm available. The ins and outs, gossip and power struggles of the Socialist party?... Continue Reading →

Ode aan de zon

Ik lig in de zon. Ik heb een bergpad beklommen en bevind me tussen bergtoppen. Ik rust uit van de klim.   Het gras onder me vol krioelend leven. Spaanse dorpjes in de verte vol beweging en activiteit. Roofvogels cirkelen boven me.   Het geluid van het gewapper van hun majestieke vleugels is magnifiek. Nog... Continue Reading →

For a revolution of joy

We all do it. We really feel like doing something, and then…. We don’t. There’s a wonderful song on the radio. That song that takes you back years in your life. You are in public space and feel like singing out loud. The urge is there, something inside sparkles. Suddenly our thoughts take over. We... Continue Reading →

When the poetry goes missing

Sometimes the poetry of life seems to be everywhere. When reading amazing literature and forgetting my surroundings completely. I’m so absorbed by my book, reading and swapping the pages quickly. A feeling of being in love with something new. As if having met a new lover. Suddenly the world is a different world. Who was... Continue Reading →

This Spring it’s playtime

IT’S SPRING!!!!! The Spring Equinox is my favorite day of the year. A thought that came to mind on this glorious first day of spring is that revolution is also to take back our lives from being serious all the time. To allow fun, play and laughter back into our lives. To play hide and... Continue Reading →

The Stream

Imagine a big busy train station you pass by every day on your way to work. It always seems to be filled with a continuous stream of thousands of people walking past, hurrying to get to their destinations. It feels as if the stream is always there, no matter what you do. Every time you... Continue Reading →

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