The fires of love

Earth crisis. Energy crisis. Will I stay warm this winter? Can money buy me love? Consumption society, managed by corporations. Smartphones regulate connection. We have lost connection to the natural world. I need to know whether you care about me...

I speak for Tuna

I speak for tuna. I have gifted you my flesh. I have brought you nourishment. I have brought you ease. My delicious taste has brought you joy. I have fed your children without question...

Earth abundance

I want to go slow. I want to experience deep healing. I want to be one with the stars. I want to follow the rhythms of Earth and do it with confidence. I do not want be rushed. I follow my exact right timing. I will not be led astray by societies' measures of time.

Trust your heart

Look at this as an opportunity for healing. The systems that are operating around you do not fit your personality. Do you feel free living in a society that controls every movement? Every breath? Every meeting? How does it make you feel?

Thank you Evergreen

Boundaries come in, where boundaries are missing. Economy lacks boundaries, but ecology needs boundaries. Let's reconsider our lifestyle. Does it need shipping? Or does it grow in my garden? What do I really need?


Who is on lockdown? Is your body on lockdown? Is the soil on lockdown? Is the vibration moving through you on lockdown? What is starved? What is deeply starved within you? Is it life energy? Is it focus? How come your society is on lockdown? Is your society alive?

The power lies within you

Nature is inherently abundant, self reliant. Seed savers are the real heroes of this Earth. For they know, how rich we are. For they know, true wealth lies in the cycle of nature. People who save seeds for future generations are the ones who have their priorities straight.


Can we learn how to put our Earth first? Can we learn how to love our sacred Home? Can we learn how to take care of our rivers and mountains, without wanting to change them? Just leaving them be, following their natural stream, meandering through the land.

A letter of Love

Dear climate activist. You constantly worry about the state of the world. Yet the state of the world does not worry about you. Do you see the difference here? Can you make an impact without losing yourself, disrespecting your body, giving up on your autonomy? Receive blessings for a heartful life. Be open to new ways...

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