I am a Witch

There is Magic present in this world.

It is a force that is all around us.

It makes your body tingle with joy to tell you;

“You are in the right place.”

It is the voice that has guided me throughout my life.

A deep knowing echoing through my body.

A voice coming from a well of wisdom.

“This will get better”,

He is not the one for you”, and

“It’s already been taken care of.”

It is the irresistable attraction I feel to go to certain places, meet certain people, and read certain books.

It is the synchronicities that kept on coming until I surrendered my rational mindset and admitted; I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.

It is the guidance that makes me trust that everything happens at the right time.

It is the Moon that shines bright at night and whispers words of encouragement.

Words of wisdom.

“Step by step, little one.

Take your time.”

It is the déjà vu’s that have made time stop.

When reality suddenly felt like living in a movie, and everything happened in slow motion.

It is recognizing people I do not know, and remembering each other at the same time, and shouting it out at the same time.

I know you.

It is lying in bed with my lover and remembering him and crying.

And again with the next lover.

And again with the lover after.

From places and ages far away.

It is communicating with my grandfather all day after his death.

It is receiving words of farewell by my grandmother after she passed over just a few weeks ago.

It is knowing when my grandmother would die.

And knowing when to visit her for the last time, so that I could say goodbye.

It is always receiving beautiful words by friends who pass over, and it is always Love.

It is feeling goosebumps traveling through my body.

Screaming: “YES! This is true!”

It is the tree that I leaned against.

The tree that took my pain away, and showed me the healing powers of the Earth.

It is the Earth who made me feel her love, when I felt sad.

It is the maythorn who whispered:

“You deserve all the love,”

when I felt heartbroken.

It is feeling the presence of my guide in spirit.

Remembering their energy from a time and place I cannot remember.

It is walking through this world thinking WTF?!”.

It is the voice that guides me making daily choices, starting to live my purpose step by step.

It is the vivid memories of times and places far away.

It is receiving information of dates, countries and villages.

It is ancient wisdom.

It is telepathy.

It is feeling you thinking of me, constructing your text message, and then receiving it.

It is knowing I am going to see you beforehand, and then meeting you in unlikely places.

It is feeling something is going to happen, and then it does.

It is receiving visions and advise to help me feel more compassion when I feel angry with you.

It is suddenly crying out of nowhere when I finally registered for the course that awakened my intuition.

It is attracting a lot of wizards, witches, magicians and psychics in my life.

It is seeing the truth in stories and children’s books, feeling the archetypical truths and the mythical reality of life on Earth.

It is knowing that this is not the first time I have walked this path.

It is remembering the burnings and drownings of healers and witches.

It is reliving that death, and feeling the anger and pain.

It is feeling the joy of that simple yet magical life, and longing for it.

It is dreaming of villages and fires, of healing herbs, of working with our hands, of farm work, and of growing our food.

It is feeling lost in the modern world sometimes.

It is that night by the fire when the borders between my body and the rest of the cosmos became absolute.

When my sense of I, and my body, dissappeared into the cosmos and I was one with everything.

When I became scared and directly traveled back to my body.

It is being insecure and wrong.

It is not understanding, doubting, and fearing.

It is wishing life was just normal for a while, because it is too overwhelming.

It is the Dark Night of the Soul.

It is feeling desperate, and wishing the journey would be over soon.

It is fearing my path, and wishing I chose something different sometimes.

So here is the truth.

I don’t believe that the reality – as we experience it in daily life – is all there is.

I believe there is something to it.

I believe it is deeply symbolic.

I believe it is deeply magical.

I believe it is mythical.

I live by the voice of my intuition.

I make decisions based on visions and Third Eye magic.

I live a karmic story.

I do not believe that we are our bodies.

I do not believe that the journey stops when we die.

I do not believe in coincidence.

I do believe in purpose, divine timing, and alignment.

I do believe in guidance.

I do believe that many of the people, animals and plants that lived before, were us.

I have longed for this amount of Magic in my life.

I have begged and prayed for it to come back, when it dissapeared for a few years.

Finally it is here again.

Now how could I betray this profound force of Magic?

How could I ignore the wisdom that I craved for?

How could I ignore the guidance that I prayed for?

By not standing for it fully.

By laughing at myself.

By being afraid to be considered weird.

By not taking myself seriously.

By undermining myself.

By feeling cautious to come out for my psychic reality and sensitivities.

By living to adhere to the comfort of a rational world.

I have walked a path of courage to be where I am today, and it has not been easy.

Why walk those hardships to then undermine the gifts that come with it?

To keep on pretending that the world as we see it, is just all there is?

It is about honoring my truth.

It is about taking myself seriously.

This is the way in which I can realize my gifts.

This is my reality.

This is me.

I am a Witch.

A person who walks the path of Magic.

A person who knows that death is not the end.

A person who knows the healing powers of plants & hands.

A person who feels joyful when I live my Magic.

A child of the Earth.

A child of the Cosmos.

I am exactly as I should be.

I am Joanna.

I am a Witch.

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  1. As you wonder through the many avenues of life, may you remember the voice of the graceful spirit, that whispers in the winds of the wilderness. That’s always stirring those wildflowers, growing in the springtime garden of your heart’s temple, of the precious gift that you are. I send my blessings to you for this amazing soul journey you’re on.

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