The emotions at the root of physical pain

One morning this Summer, as I was enjoying my holidays in Belgium, I woke up with a sore hip. As it bothered me throughout the day, I asked someone to massage it for me, and he said yes. When he pushed the spots that were painful, I felt a lot of anger. But at the time I could not express the emotion or do anything with it.

That same night I had very vivid dreams about situations that triggered me into feeling really angry. In those dreams, there were so many small situations in which I had felt angry, but I just smiled in order to de-escalate the situation, I did not express it so as to avoid conflict, or I just pleased someone rather than showing how I really felt. I spent hours and hours feeling through all of the anger.

As I slowly woke up I felt as if three heavy rocks of dense energy were pushing on my being. It shocked me to feel how strong my emotions were; I felt so angry! It was everywhere. I could not connect to it at all the day before, but my dreams and subconsciousness helped me to release it anyway. Throughout the morning the mood slowly shifted and dissapeared, as well as the physical pain.

The tension on my chest

Since years I regularily feel tension on my chest, right around my heart. It used to worry me quite a bit. It felt scary. I thought that something must be wrong, and I might even have severe heart issues later on. I talked about it with my doctor, who told me everything was fine. Without checking on anything. I remained worried, and it frustrated me that he was not taking it very seriously.

Since my burn-out and period of chronic fatigue, I have developed an interest in health and healing. I learned more about emotions, and how they influence our physical complaints. Because doctors could not help me to solve my problems, I started to experiment on my own. Putting my hands on the areas of the physical pain. Listening in to my complaints. Asking my body: What do you have to tell me? Why are you stuck? What is causing you pain?

A while ago I felt the tension and pain on my chest again – like a hand of steel holding me around my heart. It felt very uncomfortable. I was cooking and decided to breathe into the pain. Very quickly the anger that I had not expressed to someone some hours earlier came out. The emotion took me over. I started to shake, breathe heavily and gave words to my anger. I shouted out some swearing words and remained with my anger. After feeling through the emotion my body started to tingle, and I felt very high and alive. The tension on my chest dissapeared and I continued cooking. All of it took around 5 minutes in total, and I had a lovely meal afterwards.

I am happy to know how to release physical tension and pain in my body now. I am not that worried about my heart anymore. Maybe she’s just warning me, and protecting me. Taking good care of my boundaries while I rationalized, suppressed and ignored my feelings of anger.

These techniques are easy, yet unknown by many. We are not taught in school how to release emotions, and how to take care of our health in a preventive way.

In my work I help people to release tension, stuck energy and suppressed emotions. This helps people to feel free and alive afterwards. It gives us the opportunity to take great care of our health in a preventive manner. This way, we can prevent our sore hips and tensed chests to develop into diseases later on in life.

I believe that this is the health care of the future.

Are you interested in learning more, and would you like to experience my way of working? Find more information on my healing sessions here.

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