A magical life

It’s the end of summer. Upon return to the office and having meetings again, I can’t help but feel suffocated.

I long for fresh air.

The lights are so bright, it hurts my eyes. I long for the ease of natural sunlight. The temperature is conditioned, and it remains the same all year. Despite the seasons changing. Despite the temperatures changing. It’s always the same. I can’t feel the wind, the rain, nor the sun.

I am disconnected.

Even though the meeting concerns an important topic; climate change, I cannot stand to be in that room any longer.

I can’t stand the traffic jams. I can’t stand to be in the car so often, and be aware of the pollution I contribute to.

I need to be outside.

That’s why I left that room.

To spend my whole life in closed buildings, staring at screens, making phone calls and doing projects that barely interact with real people in real life, is not life.

Going about my daily life, walking the city streets and inhaling the fumes of cars feels so wrong. It makes me want to stop breathing.

I find my resistance for living this life is growing stronger and stronger each day.

To live is to breathe in fresh air, to feel, to run, to move your body and to connect deeply.

That is what I will do.

I want to smell the fire, read by the candle light, smell the freshness of the air, sense the cold of the first autumn morning, be in touch with the elements, and the universe. Not to not live by artificial light and artificial temperatures.

I want to live a real life.

I want to hear the birds sounds in the morning.

I want to be really present in nature each day.

I want to observe the growth of the plants around my house.

I want to watch the night sky and notice the changes in the lunar cycle and constellation of stars each night.

I want to be alive in my body.

I want to do something that is truly contributing to a healthy, nourishing and joyful existence for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

I want to live my fullest potential. 

I want to thrive.

Magic is out there. I want to live a magical life.

October 2016


I wrote this in October 2016. Burned out. Still working. 

I read this text again in May 2019. I am spending a week in a beautiful house in Fryslan to write and work, in the North of the Netherlands.

I am self-employed, I am full of inspiration, I am guided by the rhythms of Nature.

I am living my magical life.


Ps. Next month I am facilitating three beautiful Sunday afternoon sessions. We will cover burn-out recovery & prevention, as well as self care, joy, relaxation, and building your magical life.

This three week-course is the result of the longings I wrote about in 2016. I followed my desire, and step by step, it became real.

I believe that we can all build a life that is truly nourishing, healthy and joyful.

Feel super welcome to join us ♡

  • Find all information through my events page or here.
  • Book your spot here.
  • Join our online community to share your experience here.

Much love,


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