Being single and being love

How to be single in this world and to feel loved, be love, feel connected? This might be my biggest quest. I know this universe is made of love. So why don’t I feel it? Why am I so disconnected from it, even in the absence of lovers that are merely human embodiments of a divine […]

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Freeing the throat chakra

“Express yourself, oh baby ready or not!” – Madonna  Over the past year I’ve regularly started to feel a blockage of energy in my throat. It’s not a good feeling. The lump in my throat appears in situations with people that require uncomfortable conversations. They show up when I have things to say to others that […]

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I am. Are you Ready.

This is such a powerful poem. Audre inspires me to believe that one individual can have a tremendous impact, all by herself. Woman power is Black power is Human power is always feeling my heart beats as my eyes open as my hands move as my mouth speaks I am are you Ready. —Audre Lorde […]

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The Stream

Imagine a big busy train station you pass by every day on your way to work. It always seems to be filled with a continuous stream of thousands of people walking past, hurrying to get to their destinations. It feels as if the stream is always there, no matter what you do. Every time you […]

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