Embracing a simple, yet divine life

Love, the things that you are currently experiencing on planet Earth are something else. Something you are not used to. You have not sat with yourself for a long time. You have been on the move for a long time. Going back and forth, back and forth. Rushing your way forward, through traffic, honking and... Continue Reading →

I just don’t want it

Honestly. I do not want your 'cookies'. I also do not want faster Wifi, especially not 5G. I do not want a smartphone. I do not want your home delivery. No, thank you. I do not want my data collected. I do not want your commercials. I also do not want your flashy images in my face - everywhere I go...

Please, talk to each other

Please. For the sake of everything. Talk to each other. Last Saturday a very normal thing happened. I sat on the bus and communicated to the person sitting next to me that we were about to arrive at my stop. They got up, so that I could get up too and leave the bus, and... Continue Reading →

I am a Witch

There is Magic present in this world. It is a force that is all around us. It makes your body tingle with joy to tell you; “You are in the right place.” It is the voice that has guided me throughout my life. A deep knowing echoing through my body. A voice coming from a... Continue Reading →

A magical life

It's the end of summer. Upon return to the office and having meetings again, I can't help but feel suffocated. I long for fresh air. The lights are so bright, it hurts my eyes. I long for the ease of natural sunlight. The temperature is conditioned, and it remains the same all year. Despite the... Continue Reading →

Stranger, let me in

Stranger, who are you? How are you feeling? What's on your mind? And what's for dinner tonight? Stranger, what does your house look like? Is their art on your walls? Which photos did you put up and who's on them? What's in the fridge? Can I lay down on your couch? What do you read,... Continue Reading →

Invitation to feel jealous

Is there shame to feeling jealous? We think it's not reasonable to be jealous. We should be open-minded, full of self love, give full freedom to our lovers and be happy for everyone else. But why not just feel jealous? Why not just let that hot feeling in your belly come to full fruition? Don't... Continue Reading →

The desert

The desert is leaving city life behind and connecting to the sun, moon, stars and the sand. Nothing but the sand. No cities, no buildings, no technology. Fresh air. Simplicity. Sleeping outside in the cold with the light of the moon shining on my face, her energies corresponding with mine. I wake up every three hours,... Continue Reading →

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