Burn out support


We are living in a highly overproductive society. Many people are dealing with burn out, chronic fatigue and other stress related diseases.

Since burn out is a consquence of the way our society and ecomony is organized, it can be hard to find support from the institutions that are embedded in that same value system of high stress and never ending productivity.

When we live in surroundings in which productivity is valued, and nothingness is being shamed, it can be incredibly hard to heal just by yourself. To take enough time for relaxation, joy and rest. Even when it’s Monday morning.

We need others to support us, to look out for us, to mirror us, and be with us in our process. This is why I offer burn out support.

How to heal from burn out and chronic fatigue

It might take years, but know that you will get better eventually. A lot of small efforts will eventually lead to a sustainable buildup of energy, slowly but surely. Even though they might seem insignificant, every day that you have taken rest, all the nourishing activities that have you feel excited for life and every time that you have kept your limits, are building stones of your healing.

This might sound unbelievable, but your energy will return. You will be at a social gathering after a while for the first time, and manage to dance a little more than just moving your hips from right to left. You will notice very small changes. You will surprise yourself. Your fear will slowly turn into trusting the body again. You will go through an entire day of activities and feel just fine. You will be able to work a day a week, and perhaps even go for a drink afterwards.

And someday you realize that you are truly recovering.

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In these sessions we will identify what kind of behaviour got you here in the first place, and how we can transform it to a healthy, nourishing and inspiring lifestyle.

All collaborations on burn out support will start with a free intake to get to know each other and find out whether this is for you.

Stay tuned for a a series of group sessions coming Spring!

Prices & location

€39 for a one hour session

Three sessions for €105,-

Wijk 7, Daalwijkdreef 7, Amsterdam

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