speak through me

I am one with all there ever was

Do you understand symbiosis?

Do you truly understand what it means to be one?

To be interconnected?


do everything

so that you can live

This is their task

Pollinating a flower

might seem like a small task

but it is mighty

Can you imagine a world without symbiosis, without interconnectedness?

where war reigns, where violence reigns?

This is not the real world

The real world is much more fascinating than you think

I am one with flowers

One with waterfalls

One with war, with violence, after all

Speak after me

I create my reality

I am far from powerless

We can bring peace back to Earth

There are great powers waiting to be of guidance to you

Do not mistrust them

We have come to help

to give guidance

to be of service

and be rewarded

for your real efforts

in time


help one species

choose your best animal friend

save a live

spread seeds

give water

give shelter

animals need our shelter

to live in a world of conflict

of violence

can be stressful and hurting

animals need a place to rest

to be nurtured

to be safe

so they can do their work in peace


be a friend

to an animal

you will be of great service

Thank you

in advance

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