Peace on Earth will come

It doesn’t need a massacre
for humanity to evolve
it doesn’t need armed conflict
rape or murder
it doesn’t need the displacement, hunger and thirst of millions of people

but it might need a really good cup of coffee
a homemade biscuit
a hand on your shoulder
a need to be seen
in your deepest traumas
deepest fears
deepest inadequacies

it might need the fulfilment of a desire to be seen
so deeply
that you will do anything to make it happen
look at me
I am strong
I am wise
I have armies
I can do war
I am a strong man
scared for nobody
deeply detached from my emotions
from my real feelings

behind the strong man
the strong woman
is weakness
a little scared child

we need to disarm
the child
the lover of live
the one who loves opening
our hearts
to the divine love
that houses
within us all

it is scary to let go of nationalism
to let go of the myth
of nations
of states
of supreme leaders
of good against evil
of moral superiority
of indoctrination
of identities

peace houses within us all
peace houses within the military
I am sure of that

can you imagine
a world without borders
without nations?

can you imagine free migration
just like birds
just like humans?

can you imagine a world
with tribes, autonomous regions, villages

weaved together
in powerful networks of trust and support?

strong communities
working together
for peace
for plants
for power places
healing leylines
across the world

can you imagine the power
of the unity
of villages,
and communities?

I am the left eye
you are the right
would it not be madness to fight?

We come one

April 7th, 2022

Tamera, Healing Biotope Portugal

By Joanna

in service to the Earth

The last four lines are by Faithless

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