Trust your heart

Look at this as an opportunity
for healing
The systems that are operating
around you
do not fit your personality

Do you feel free
living in a society
that controls every movement?
every breath?
every meeting?

How does it make you feel?

The fear
The manipulation
The control
are there
as a growing opportunity

Who are you really?

Do you long to be controlled?
Do you need government?
Do you need taxes?

Does it make you feel safe?

Do you long for authority figures
to make decisions for you?
To control your body?
To control your mind?

The fire in your heart
is longing to burst open

Rise like a phoenix
Take control of your mind

Your intuitive mind
has been suppressed
for way too long

You know what’s wrong
and what’s right
It is becoming very clear

Do not leave this opportunity
for growth

There is soul growth
waiting for you

Free spirited people
longing to burst open
to share wisdom
to belong to truth
to authenticity
to love

Share your honesty
Reflect on the past 1,5 years
Feel the longing in your heart
for freedom

The goverment cannot
control your
free spirit

Do not be afraid
take life as it comes
and notice the wink
of the universe

The antidote to control
is freedom
The antidote to isolation
is community
The antidote to exclusion
is belonging

Be with yourself through these emotions
but do not let them swallow you

Find that little spot in your heart
that free roaming child
who runs through fields of flowers
who is not afraid
who considers life to be

a big adventure

who trusts elders
who knows there is more to life
than work
than economy
than seriousness

That one who knows what to do
who creates community
who plays

Who knows how to be human
and to guide others
through difficult transitions

Share your talents
your gifts
with the world

Send hope
give trust
give hugs
love freely

Be you

Love every bit of yourself
so deeply

that fear is not present anymore
that trust reigns
that love reigns

shake off your thoughts
and expectations of the future


We will make it to the other side
with or without the government 😉

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