Thank you Evergreen

Boundaries come in,
where boundaries are missing.

Economy lacks boundaries,
but ecology needs boundaries.

Let’s reconsider our lifestyle.

Does it need shipping?
Or does it grow in my garden?
What do I really need?

How I can support my local economy?
Where can I meet honest and hardworking people,
who are passionate about making high quality products?

Those products that will last me a lifetime.
That my grandchildren will inherit with pride.
That will remain in my family for a while, to be recycled after.

I want to build connections in my own community.

Get to know my farmers.
Get to know my herbs people.

Who can I see to have my clothes fixed?
Who can create my favorite pullover, that will keep me warm each winter?

‘Luxurious’, but ineffecient living will end.
Dream up the new world.

Restore sacred economies.

Thank you Evergreen.

Stay where you are for as long as you need to,
to have us realize,

that we can do much better than this.

By Joanna

March 27th 2021, Amsterdam

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