Who is on lockdown?
Is your body on lockdown?
Is the soil on lockdown?
Is the vibration moving through you on lockdown?

What is starved?
What is deeply starved within you?

Is it life energy?
Is it focus?

How come your society is on lockdown?
Is your society alive?

Can your heart come alive
the way you are living right now?
It’s not me, darling
I am not on lockdown

I am alive
Go to a nearby forest
and see
for yourself

Trees will follow your every move
Is she dangerous?
Or is she an ally?

Does she love nature?
Or is she one of the destroyers?
Will she come and camp in my forests
when they threaten me?
Will she talk and spread love?

Come and get to know me
I have wisdom to share
Everyone will

A walk in the forest is not time wasted
It is energy brought into

Living beings being reunited
with their true selves

Valuable lessons are being taught
while residing in nature
be there

Make time

By Joanna

December 2020

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