Come home

Staying safe

What does it mean to stay safe?
Staying safe does not have anything to do with not getting ill

Many people do not stay safe
Living the life they are living

They work too hard
They do not make time to feel
They live life like a robot
What is supposed to help them stay safe?

What if illness is not an enemy per se?
Yes it is scary
Yes it is hard
Yes it can cause a lot of suffering

But also
Medicine is out there
We have the capacity to heal
We question belief systems
And this way
we move further
into expanding our knowledge
entertaining our curiosity
How did people take care of their health
before industrial civilization?
What else is out there?
Can we remember?

How we fell from the sky
landed on Earth
and became
part of

How we became part of a miracle?
These bodies
countless cells
are breathing

Come home to the body
dear one
You have always been
nothing less than
the breathing body
of God

By Joanna

December 2020

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