Make a deal with the Earth

This ‘Black Friday’
Make a deal with the Earth
Commit to climate justice
And leave the rest

Do not follow the crowd
Tune into your heart’s desire
What do you want for this Earth?

Is it rampant consumerism
Low quality products
leaving you feeling empty?
A rush of endorphins moving through your body
To then leaving you emptier than before?

Shiny crystals
Fancy clothes
Bullshit packed in a fancy cover?

Will it make you happy?
What will make you happy?
How do you want to live?

We need food on the table
Quality products improving our lives
And the great knowing is that
We can do that
without damaging
the Earth

We can live here
Without destroying
Without climate collapse
It has never been necessary


Makes us feel dull
and out of tune with the Earth

Are you aware of the fact that
you can live a good life?
A heartful
healthy life
that meets your needs?

Food on the table
Three times a day
Community work
Connection to the land
Love for everybody

Art and inspiration as part of daily life
A good nights rest
Balanced rhythms to live by
A life worth living

Make it happen
You lead the way
Show others how to live

Make them yearn for it
A New Earth is coming
Show the way

This ‘Black Friday’
Make a deal with the Earth
Commit to climate justice
Envision a new way

Gather with like minded spirits
And open up to the imagination
Inspire each other
Make magic
Tell tales of old ways
Feel your longings
Open up to the endless possibilities
and the Earths creative ways

This ‘Black Friday’
Make a deal with the Earth

By Joanna, 26 November 2020

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