You are Wild


You have the potential
To turn seed into fragrance
Flower into berry
Abundance into medicine
You serve the Earth
You serve the people
You serve our animal kin

Our animalistic nature needs to be accepted
A wild beast
houses within us all
We all crave wildness
We all crave freedom
We desire beauty
and animal kin

The way wolves rest
Laying their heads upon each other
Softly gazing at starry skies
This type of companionship
is what we long for
True belonging
True being
Back to what’s real

What do you desire for this life
Dear one?
Is it beauty
Is it love
Or is it true companionship with the Earth?
Wild rivers full of salmon
Restored ecosystems
Abundant flowers
Insects doing their sacred duty
Fire warming you
Love surrounding you

How do you want to live
dear human
dear animal
Dear warrior of Love

Do you want to turn away
from dark ages
From technology
taking over your life?
From emptiness
From scrolling
From gazing without feeling anything
Are you slowly becoming depressed?
Is is necessary?

Do you desire a
wild life?
in that case
Let it be wild
queer life
embrace your kin
Love yourself
beyond borders
beyond human nature
beyond everything you thought
about your life

Magic is awaiting
but not endlessy
Dive deep within subconscious waters
and take a deep breath of air
as you slowly unfold
slowly awaken
to the truth in every being
Deep interconnectedness
A force powerful as thunder
a force that will unite us all
beyond our difference
this is the real adventure

The Earth invites you to see through illusion
to think beyond gender
to transcend ego
To desire
true love

This is your destiny
the destiny of humanity
on Earth

in life
be One

By Joanna, September 2020

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