Dear Earth

Dear Earth

As I release
this connection,
this love,
this beautiful man

Please do not forget
I repeat,
please do not forget

our Love

Please do not forget
our struggle
our growth
our honesty

Dear Earth
are you listening?

Will you write this down for me?
Will you record it?

Will you swallow it whole?
Will you release it?

Will you just notice that it happened?

This story

of tenderness
of rawness
of two bodies
loving each other?

Will you remember how we
once loved?
how we melted into
each others warm embrace?

Will you remember how
he looked into my eyes?

Will you remember how he
observed me
hugged me
touched me
kissed me

loved me
drove me mad
cried in my arms

laughed with me
called me sweet names?

Will you remember how
I longed for his presence?

How I had trouble walking past the train track
that once connected me to him?

How I cried
and broke open?

How I saw myself
in the mirror
of the Other?

Will you remember
how vulnerable this was?

how I opened?
truly opened
even though I was scared?

Will you remember how far I came
this time?

Dear Earth
will you remember

how we worked through karmic stories
how we attracted each other
how we pushed each other away

how we shouted to each other
and apologized
how we tried to do better?

Will you remember
the pain in my stomach
the dreams
the wounds?

Dear Earth
please remember
his touch
his kiss

his presence
his silence

the fine lines around his eyes
the way his hands held mine

the depth

Please remember
so it will not be forgotten

When you tell the story of the Earth
include this one

Melt it into the story of millions of lovers
finding each other
loving each other

releasing each other

Dear Earth
please remember us

I am all yours
to begin with


Art by James R Eads Art

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