Embracing a simple, yet divine life

Love, the things that you are currently experiencing on planet Earth are something else.

Something you are not used to.

You have not sat with yourself for a long time.

You have been on the move for a long time.

Going back and forth, back and forth.

Rushing your way forward, through traffic, honking and hurrying.

Always impatient.

Always on your way to the next activity.

Never a dull moment.

Now it’s a time to rest.

To truly, deeply rest.

To feed your connection to the Earth.

To remember your sacredness.

To have time.

Do you know what it is?

To have Time?

The way you have measured time until now has been based on the metric system.

Lineair, constricted, rigid.

Your calenders are wrong.

They are not working.

They are upsetting the natural rhythms of the Earth.

We need you to reset your sense of time.

Stop valuing everything on the precepts of Money.

It is not money that should be the measurement of value.

You constantly ask yourself;

How much can I earn during an hour, a day, a week?

What should be my wage?

How can I make the most money?

What could be the biggest efficiency?

None of this is real.

None of this is truly important.

We want you to centre Love.

This is the Guidance that has come to you.

We want you to take care of your elderly, your parents, your young.

We want you to respect your elderly.

We want you to feed the young, with the auspicious commitment of a birds’ couple whose offspring have just been born.

To cook your own meals, and to take your time for it.

We want you to come back to yourself.

We want you to sit and quietly read.

Without distractions.

This Earth counts thousands, millions of books.

There is so much wisdom out there.

Yet everything has become digitalized.

We want you to listen to the music of this Earth.

To the great symphonies of this Earth.

To the great artists this Earth has brought forth.

And we want you to value them, and value their creativity.

It is a time to make a shift in what you value.

We want you to value your nurses, your hospitals, your teachers.

Your cleaners, your garbage collectors, your composters.

Your poets, your artists, your writers.

Your poor, your sick and your vulnerable.

You have been constantly distracted.

Your children are missing you.

They want your real attention.

They need a parent.

Not a robot.

A human.

Someone to teach them about life.

You have given everything out of hands.

Childcare, growing food, building homes.

You pay strangers to take care of your most precious children and elderly.

It is time that you remember the essentials of life.

It is time that you go back to a simple life.

Your society is at the brink of collapse.

Yet, there is a way forward.

Can you remember when you were nothing?


Not a form?

No responsibilities?

Just, pure consciousness?

Do you remember?

Go beyond your human form.

Go beyond everything you think you are.

Go beyond everything you think you must do in this lifetime.

What if none of it matters?

Not truly, at least?

What if we just want you to be here, and observe?


Listen to the sacred guidance that will help the Earth evolve.

Please listen to the guidance that is always there.
From the moment you have been born, you have been guided.

You were never alone, dear child.

We have always whispered in your ear, your next step.

We have carefully guided you.

The time of magnificence is now.

You have come to lead.

Embrace your purpose.

Be Love.

Written by Joanna

19 March 2020


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