Stranger, let me in

Stranger, who are you?

How are you feeling? What’s on your mind?

And what’s for dinner tonight?

Stranger, what does your house look like?

Is their art on your walls? Which photos did you put up and who’s on them?

What’s in the fridge?

Can I lay down on your couch?

What do you read, stranger?

And stranger, how does it feel to sleep in your bed?

What do your pillows smell like? How soft is your matrass? How warm are your covers? Is it silent at night, where you live?

Stranger, what’s your shower like? Which shampoo do you use, what kind of soap? A scrub maybe? And does it smell like roses – or do you prefer lavender? Are your towels hard or soft?

And how does your coffee taste in the morning?

What’s for breakfast, stranger?

Stranger, put on your music for me

Read some pages of your diaries

Show me what moves you

Stranger, I peek into your house often

There’s lights on

There’s a life being lived there

Stranger, I am curious

I am yearning

Who are you?

Let me in

Inspired by Amsterdam winter nights

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