Invitation to feel jealous

Is there shame to feeling jealous?

We think it’s not reasonable to be jealous. We should be open-minded, full of self love, give full freedom to our lovers and be happy for everyone else.

But why not just feel jealous?

Why not just let that hot feeling in your belly come to full fruition?

Don’t suppress it.

Contact the feeling, make it as big as possible, even dance or shout with it.

Really feel it.

It’s so liberating.

The work

In 95% of the cases of heavy emotions, I suppress them or not fully feel them through. I’m just full of resistance to do the work or “I am busy”.

But sometimes I feel courageous, or the feeling becomes so strong that I just can’t suppress it anymore.

When I actually feel it, I am in for something.

When I release shame for feelings, and really allow them to be there…

When I let myself be super sad, angry, jealous, in love or everything at the same time…

The release can be so worth it.

My body starts tingling, I can feel a strong natural high after the release.

I feel a powerful source of life energy right in my belly. I feel much more energetic than normal. And I feel very alive.

Feeling through emotions can especially be important for people who feel fatigued.

Emotions not felt through might start pressing on your energetic and physical body and make you feel heavy and tired for years.


Not alive.

So let yourself feel jealous. Sad. Angry. In love. Dissapointed.


There’s no shame in feeling what we feel. It’s not like we ever consciously chose to feel like we do.

We just do. It just is!

Queen Bee

In case you want some inspiration, here’s an ode to jealousy by Beyoncé.

Play it loud!

I am in my penthouse half naked

I cooked this meal for you naked
So where the hell you at?
There’s just one shot left of this drink

In this glass
Don’t make me break it
Wish that you were me
So you could feel this feeling

I never broke one promise
And I know that I’m not honest
Now you got me yelling
Thats because I’m jealous


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