The desert

The desert is leaving city life behind and connecting to the sun, moon, stars and the sand. Nothing but the sand. No cities, no buildings, no technology. Fresh air. Simplicity.

Sleeping outside in the cold with the light of the moon shining on my face, her energies corresponding with mine. I wake up every three hours, and open my sleepy eyes to notice how much the position of the stars and moon have changed.

I am sleeping in a desert on a moving planet in a galaxy of stars.

Feeling the cold air and wind on my face. Really experiencing the cold of the night, and the hot temperatures of the day.


The emptiness, and the absence of distractions and meaningless objects makes me feel centered to what really matters.

My daily walk up to the highest dune to watch the sun set makes me feel alive. I am feeling my heart beat really fast. My legs are working hard to climb up the dunes, and to walk the sand in general. My muscles are becoming stronger.

Once the sun has set, I notice the quick change of temperature. I really notice it, as opposed to just tuning up the heating inside a building and continuing business as usual.

Rolling and jumping off the dunes on my way back.

Feeling close to Mother Earth with each step. It helps me ground. “Mother Earth carry me, your child I will always be”, plays on and on in my mind.

Having the sand in my hair, feeling the sun on my skin.


I guess feeling connected to nature means experiencing the elements, feeling the heat, feeling the cold, breathing in the fresh air, and using my body and muscles during my daily activities.

The absence of distractions and having places to go, brings out creativity to play with what is there.

To play in the dunes like kids. Going up, rolling down. Giving each other workshops, doing things of meaning, having time for real connection. Discovering the healing power of our hands, getting involved in deep conversations, telling each other secrets we have never dared telling anyone and moving beyond shame.

Having the time to thoroughly analyze our dreams during breakfast and learning from our active lives at night that reveal so much about our journeys.

To me this is living a life of meaning.


Heart art at night

Sahara 2016, Morocco

Find more information about the Sahara retreat here:

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