This Valentine’s day: More love

More love. More connection.

More realness. More honesty, rawness, confrontation. More speaking what needs to be said and it that way, loving yourself.

Less speaking of what doesn’t need to be said and in that way, loving others.

More eye contact, “how are you’s?”, smiles, hugs, help, unexpected friendships, initiative.

Less phone staring, fear, blaming individuals for systems larger than us and making fun of each other. Less hating on each other.

More compassion.

Remembering that beautiful little baby the person in front of you once was – in need of hugs, attention and care. Unconditional love.

More downtime, standing for your needs. More uncomfortable, but necessary conversations.

Less pretending for the sake of peace. Less love in the fake way, smiling when there’s no smile, laughing when it’s not really funny, just to please another person.

More asking for what you want. More giving, and more receiving. More enjoying pleasure.

Less shame. Less loneliness, alienation, desperation.

More hugs, more hands held.

More connecting phone calls, more time for relationships and friendships. More attention, play time, more real connection with adults and children.

More listening, and more speaking when questions are not being asked – but stories need to be told – because they are eating you up from the inside.

For deep nourishment, full healing, and overcoming obstacles.

More wisdom, realizations, and insight.

More love, more trust.


This Valentine’s day I am celebrating my journey into more connection, deeper relationships, opening up, and sharing myself more naked and true.

I’m noticing how quickly my experience of the world is changing depending on how I look at it, what I give my attention and who I am spending time with. What you give out, comes back to you multiplied – in some ways for sure.

Love is first and foremost being your own lover, because we can never break up with ourselves. Love is tending to your needs, and tending to your body’s needs. Love is saying no and disappointing others, expressing boundaries and respecting another’s. Love is truly listening, and love is stepping back when you don’t have space to fully listen to another person.

Love is our relationship to the land, the ecosystems we are part of, the beauty that surrounds us and the food that nourishes us.

Love is environmentalism.

Love is diversity.

Love is creating beauty.

This Spring I wish for everyone to meet their needs, to have loving relationships, to be surrounded by supportive people, and to have loads of time for care, rest, love, passion, and enjoying our precious lives.

To deepen our relationship to Nature, our (chosen) family, friends, society, our loved ones, and ourselves.

All is in relationship and in that sense, nobody is really single or monogamous. Let’s rethink and refeel the way we relate to each other and….

Become lovers once again.

Happy Valentine’s day!

“All related

No more darkness

With this love

We are all related

Give me strength

With this love”

Nessi Gomes

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