Birthing new worlds

Don’t be fooled, friend.

The national news and its portrayal of daily happenings in the world?

NOT the real world.

Your prime minister’s talks of tax reform for the wealthy while paying absolutely no attention to the climate?

NOT the only paradigm available.

The ins and outs, gossip and power struggles of the Socialist party?

NOT to be spent all of our precious energy on.

It’s so easy to get distracted, endlessy distracted. To get angry, worried, outraged with our current state of affairs constantly.

Yes, it it necessary to stay woke. To know what’s going on. Be conscious, know politics, economy, world history.

Without understanding which structures need to die and analyzing them to their core, we won’t have enough knowledge necessary for our transformation to be as good as it can be.

The trick is not to stay stuck. To take our precious attention and focus it. Focus it on what is ready to be born. What is desperately waiting for our energy to help raise it.

Helping to birth new worlds. Within you, through you. Being its instrument.


New worlds need inspiration, flourishing, falling in love. Calls felt deep through the soul. Your belly nearly exploding for a thousand butterflies are in there coming to get you, telling you its time. Your “YES, I’m so freaking excited right now! This is what I want. These are all my dreams coming true!”

If we don’t, all our time will be wasted on outrage for what is. Paradigms so destructive they will eventually fall. Without us having to do anything.

Likewise, new worlds will be born inevitably.

Be their instrument. Their soldier of love.

Don’t mourn beside dead bodies too long when there’s babies crying for your attention, your love.

Yes, mourn. Mourning is powerful. Anger is holy. But don’t stay stuck.

Pay attention to where and when you are needed mostly. You’ll feel it by what inspires you most. By identifying your deepest longings.

Be still when there is just stillness, not much going on.

But when at last you feel a call so strong you might just die if you don’t follow it, jump. Go! Action! It’s your time to shine.

Move along with the planets. Planets pulling us back and forth so strong – resistance is futile.

Move along with the universe/multiverse/Goddess/Gods. Trust the process.

Inspiration is our guide.


Amsterdam, December 2017

With special thanks to Mark Rutte, Thierry Baudet, de SP, et cetera

Inspired by the concept of “attention liberation”, coined by Adrienne Maree Brown:

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