Divination and your personal forecast for 2017

The reason I love divination tools is because they connect us deeply to ourselves and allow for deep connection to others. When I do a Tarot spread for new people I meet, we get straight to the core and cut the chitchat of “What do you do’s” to get to know each other. Inner worlds are opened up and profound lessons that are being learned on the soul level come up in conversation. Topics that would otherwise stay reserved for one’s personal quiet contemplation and their diaries.

Be it Tarot, astrology or palm reading, the cosmos has blessed us with ample resources for us who forgot who we are. They help us find our way home. To find our way forward in life. Coming into these bodies, we have all courageously passed the veil of forgetfulness. The game of life is not as profound when we remember why we came here. Luckily, we are not left complety to ourselves during this great adventure: the journey of our lives. Our stories are written in the stars, in our hands, in our mother’s placentas and in the cards.

To help us remember little pieces. Just about enough to know what step to take next.


Harry and Ron desperately waiting for a sign

The other day I had so much fun reading Chani Nicholas’ yearly horoscopes for 2017 (published in We’Moon 2017 diary) for my fellow farm interns at Navdanya. We had a collective goosebumps party as I was reading out some things for people that rang so true for them. Things that perfectly describe who they are, what gifts they bring to this world and how to move forward and bring them to fruition this year. Some took photos and send it to their mothers, partners and friends to give emotional support.

I read some of friends and people I know, and was again amazed with their accuracy. It puts a smile on my face to acknowledge people’s struggles, developments and victories. Divination helps to remember that we are not mad, working out our struggles with work, health, relationships and anything else that comes up during our lives. That we are experiencing exactly that which is needed to make progress and grow. It makes me feel proud to know that all of us are doing our best, and that we are working with what we’ve got to our best abilities. Rather than judging another for their flaws and failures, we can to try see the divinity in the journey and support each other for doing the courageous soulwork we came do to here on Earth.

“Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones” – Coldplay

These 2017 forecasts are such a gift. I cannot keep them to myself. Enjoy and please visit and support the awesome, magical, queer, feminist astrologer on Chani Nicholas & the sisters of We’Moon. We’Moon is a diary created for a multi-cultural earth and goddess spirituality that mentions all the phases of the Moon, planetary transits and seasonal celebrations throughout the year, and everything else a Witch needs to know. This Witch needs one badly!













Visit: http://chaninicholas.com/https://wemoon.ws/

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